An art exhibition that’s guaranteed to shock is coming to GOMA.

The works have been described as grotesque, although the artist begs to differ.

Matthew Hinchen reports.


It’s art that divides opinion.

Vox 1: “Maybe it’s a little confronting.”

Vox 2: “That artwork is very inspiring.”

Vox 3: “It’s amazing, you sort of double take cause you’re like what am I looking at?”

Pieces like this will form the feature exhibition at GOMA next year.

Titled “Curious Affection”, the exhibit is the work of Queensland artist Patricia Piccinini who doesn’t think her art is shocking.

Patricia Piccinini, Artist: “I don’t intentionally make the work grotesque or fronting to people.”

The show will feature more than 50 pieces.

Patricia Piccinini, Artist: “It’s a long process, something like this will take eight months for a team of people.”

Peter McKay, Curator of Contemporary Australian Art: “In terms of once it gets to the gallery it’s about a month but it’s a lot of work to be ready by that point.”

Although it will be one of the largest exhibits at GOMA it may not be to everyone’s liking, but it’s guaranteed to provoke a response.”

The exhibition is a change of pace from GOMA’s recent “MARVEL” display.

Jackie Trad. Deputy Premier: “I think that the sculpture on show here is quite provocative.”

Grotesque or provocative? You can judge for yourself next year.

Matthew Hinchen, QUT News.