A Brisbane company is claiming line honours in the race to make the world’s first commercially available solar-powered car.

Their company has unveiled a racing version, for next month’s Darwin to Adelaide solar challenge.

Tim Shepherd reports.


It may look like something from the future, but solar powered cars like this could be on our roads sooner than you think.

A local collaboration between TeamArrow and Clenergy produced this car for the World Solar Challenge, a 3,000 kilometer race from Adelaide to Darwin.

However, Clenergy TeamArrow says the car’s going to be available for sale to the public.

Cameron Tuesley, Clenergy TeamArrow founder: “What we’re doing next year is putting this car on the road, fitting it out with the air conditioning and the radio and all the different bits it’s been designed for but aren’t in this vehicle right at the moment, and then you’ll see these driving around on the streets of Brisbane next year.”

Leeanne Enoch, Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy: “The Palaszczuk government, we’ve invested in the Queensland electric vehicle superhighway, we’re going to see 18 charging stations up from Brisbane to Cairns.”

But with the car initially costing around $250,000, are there any financial incentives?

Leeanne Enoch, Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy: “Not at this stage, but however, what we’re seeing is this investment in the whole industry.”

While it won’t come standard with all the bell’s and whistles of a similarly priced car, the manufacturers are confident in the fact that the car is completely customisable.

Cameron Tuesley, Clenergy TeamArrow founder: “This is a genuinely clean vehicle, so while we probably will compete a little with that, to be honest I think we’re going to be finding people who are really interested in having a car that is completely different.”

The company says there’s already been a deal of public interest in the Arrow STF but the initial target is next month’s big race.

Tim Shepherd, QUT News.