A new service has been set up to feed some of Brisbane’s most needy.

More than 270 meals will be delivered to local families.

John Hui reports.


Domestic violence and homelessness are growing problems.

Each year, Domestic Violence Connect receives tens of thousands of calls for help.

Victims’ lives are affected in many ways, some even struggle to properly feed themselves and their families.

Now, four charities in Brisbane have combined to prepare and deliver meals to those affected by violence at home and to those who don’t have a home.

At the launch, Queensland’s Minister for Housing announced the government’s support.

Mick de Brenni, Minister for Housing, Public Works and Sports: “Each of the organisations involved have been recipients of Dignity First Funding, and that enables them to get their ideas moving, and allows them to achieve this fantastic collaboration. It’s gonna help thousands and thousands of women and families in this community.”

The Dignity First Fund was established by the Queensland Government last year.

So far it has supported 50 projects with five million dollars across the state.

Karen Dare, Communify CEO: “My message would be, if you are interested, love helping hands, love volunteers, students you know got a day off, you just rock up on a Tuesday or Wednesday here.”

John Hui, QUT News.