Victoria’s Premier has introduced a bill to Parliament, calling for legal euthanasia.

If passed the bill will allow the terminally ill to access lethal medication, with stringent requirements.

Georgia Garland reports.


Under the bill, only terminally ill Victorian residents, with less than 12 months to live, can apply for a permit to euthanize.

Applicants must also be of sound mind and over 18 years of age.

Kelly Arnett-Somerville, whose mother died in horrific circumstances, is a supporter of the proposed legislation.

Kelly Arnett-Somerville, Legislation Supporter: “My mum died in what I call the epitome of a bad death, she drowned in her own blood.”

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says there are 68 safeguards in place to ensure only people with “intolerable” pain have access.

Daniel Andrews, Victorian Premier: “This is the most conservative, the most measured response to the issue of assisted dying anywhere in the world.”

There will be strict penalties for those who do not comply with the laws.

Anyone who administers lethal medication without permission may face life imprisonment.

Georgia Garland, QUT News.