A Canberra woman claims she has been fired from her job for voting ‘no’ in the same sex marriage plebiscite.

But her former employer has defended the sacking on Facebook.

Tim Shepherd reports.


It may seem harmless, but a Facebook profile picture cost an 18 year old Canberra woman her job.

Canberra employee: “It’s a profile picture I have of me with a friend’s dog and over the top a little blue banner on the bottom said ‘it’s ok to vote no.'”

A move that her boss Madlin Sims says is homophobic and constitutes hate speech, causing her to sack the employee via Facebook.

Madlin Sims: “Today I fired a staff member who made it public knowledge that they feel ‘it’s ok to vote no’. It’s not okay to vote no. It’s not okay to be homophobic. This isn’t a matter of opinion or even religion.”

Canberra employee: “To be called a homophobe and to say that I’m a risk for the children I work with and the families of the children I work with, I highly disagree.”

Sim’s Facebook post received both support and criticism online.

Meanwhile Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has defended his right to take a position on the debate after former Woolworth’s boss Roger Corbett criticised him for doing so.

Alan Joyce, Qantas CEO: “I think it’s not only a very moral thing that we’re doing, it’s very important for Australia, it’s very important for our own employees and for our customers and we continue to be vocal on it.”

Meanwhile, the AFL has become the latest company to support the yes vote, unveiling their new sign this morning.

Tim Shepherd, QUT News.