Ipswich Road at Annerley has been named Brisbane’s most hazardous road.

But in an annual crash index, car insurer AAMI lists plenty of other hot spots.

Kate McCormack reports.


To the thousands of motorists who use it every day, it’ll come as no surprise.

For the first time, Ipswich Road at Annerley has been named by car insurer AAMI as Brisbane’s top accident hot spot.

Ashleigh Paterson, AAMI Spokesperson: “What we have found is Ipswich Road is increasingly becoming very busy for commuters travelling from the south-west suburbs into the CBD, it’s very much prone to congestion which has an impact on the number of collisions.”

According to AAMI’s latest driver survey, the roads that make up the top five, comprise some of the city’s busiest on both sides of the river.

Queensland’s road fatality figure currently sits at 176, three higher than this time last year.

And experts say one of the biggest problems is people using mobile phones while driving.

Dr Mark King, Senior Research Fellow CARRSQ: “When we look at the patterns of people who find it hard not to use their mobile phones it tends to be younger people and it tends to be mostly using additional things, not just the phone, but the texting and the social media functions.”

Despite the heavy penalties, one in five drivers still admit they would text while at traffic lights if they could get away with it.

Dr Mark King, Senior Research Fellow CARRSQ: “The use of forcible blocking technologies or better still some kind of voluntary apps that people can use that will block certain kinds of numbers and situations could make a difference.”

Kate McCormack, QUT News.