There’s some good news for Queensland motorists.

A fuel retailer is offering a six-cents a litre discount on E10.

The state government has praised the move, hoping it forces others to follow suit and boost the biofuels industry.

Rob Lutton reports.


United Petroleum made its discount decision in Brisbane’s south but motorists statewide will benefit the price drop.

The independent retailer has cut six cents a litre off its renewable E10 fuel for a limited time.

Vox 1: “We cop a bit of a flogging when it comes to fuel prices. I’m still old enough to remember 70 cents a litre so that was usually a good day.”

The price reduction has been praised by the State Government as the E10 product supports Queensland farmers and is sustainably green friendly.

Curtis Pitt, Qld Treasurer: “We know motorists will appreciate it and we know that motoring bodies will appreciate it. We hope to see lower fuel prices for the good of all Queenslanders.”

Gary Brinkworth, United Petroleum CEO: “The consumer just needs to understand and by trialing it, we believe, we’ll get the confidence that this is a great quality product.”

The fuel contains 10% of locally sourced ethanol blended with 90% unleaded petrol.

Around 80% of all cars on Queensland roads are compatible with E10 making it a great alternative for motorists looking to save at the bowser.

E10 is also a renewable fuel source, grown right here in Queensland, supporting local sugar cane and corn farmers.

Just down the road, the Premier was announcing a $65-million upgrade to the Sumners Road Interchange on the Centenary Highway.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Qld Premier: “What we’re going to do is put in two intersections which will be signals and also we’ll be putting in an extra lane as well out across Sumners Road.”

When completed in two years, the project will cut the travelling time for 35,000 daily commuters.

Rob Lutton, QUT News.