Pirates have stormed Brisbane’s Maritime Museum.

But it was all in a good cause, people dressing up and acting like sea-faring outlaws to raise money for kids with cancer.

Matthew Hinchen reports.


They’re not your average buccaneers.

Young cancer patients and children of all ages got the chance to be pirates on this special day at the Maritime Museum.

Vox 1: “I love being a pirate cause you get to talk like a pirate.”

Vox 2: “Sword fights.”

Vox 3: “Jumping castle!”

Both big and little pirates agree it’s a fun, and important event.

Vox 4: “Just to help fund cancer support.”

Vox 5: “Just to get them out of the hospital and out of the units and just have fun.”

National Talk Like a Pirate Day is the annual celebration to raise money and awareness of childhood cancer.

Vicki Howard, Central Ward Councillor: “I think that if everybody knows about Talk Like a Pirate Day it just raises awareness and it makes us all think about how important it is to get behind these organisations.”

All funds plundered will go towards support for these young pirates.

Helen Crew, Childhood Cancer Support GM: “Well if you can’t attend the event at the Maritime Museum or any other events around Australia, if you can spare a gold coin donation that would be great.”

Now that events like this are being pushed nationally, it’s a great opportunity to raise money for a good cause and of course it’s fun for the whole crew, we’ll see you next year.

Matthew Hinchen, QUT News.