Queensland miners who died at work have been honoured with a new permanent memorial.

More than a thousand people attended the unveiling at Ipswich, including relatives and workmates, of those who perished.

Georgia Garland reports.


They gathered for the unveiling at Redbank, the site of Queensland’s first coal mine.

Miners past and present, family members and officials all honouring those who gave their lives to the industry.

Retired coal miner Maurice McPherson lost a son, who left behind a baby daughter.

Maurice McPherson, Retired Miner: “It was really hard, still is hard. When you saw, six months old, with no father.”

90-year-old George Pringle, the father of local MP Jo-Ann Miller, was a Swanbank miner for 41 years.

He’s also got the fatal black-lung disease.

George Pringle, Former Swanbank Miner: “Pick mining was hard work, you had 24 hundred weight skips to fill.”

The Minister for Natural Resources and Mining says the new permanent monument provides a place for families to grieve.

Hon Dr Anthony Lynham, Minister for Natural Resources and Mining: “The best way to remember and to honour them is to work together to make sure that history does not repeat itself.”

All of the plaques here at the new permanent monument site are dedicated to those miners who went to work and never came home.

A memorial service is held each year on September 19th to remember mining victims and shine a light on the importance of safety in the industry.

Georgia Garland, QUT News.