Helicopters may soon be operating from a pontoon in central Brisbane.

Trials were held today, with the goal of boosting tourism in the city.

Rebekah Box reports.


Helicopter joy flights over Brisbane city may be about to take off.

The city council is pushing for a pontoon helipad to grow local business and tourism.

Amanda Cooper, Infrastructure Chairman: “The opportunity to have helicopters come in, pick up tourists, pick up locals and take them along our beautiful river.”

Today’s trial take-offs and landings were held off the City Botanic Gardens, simulating the operating conditions of a floating helipad.

The last such pontoon at Queen’s Wharf was closed after a helicopter crashed on landing 13 years ago.

Councillor Cooper says safety is paramount.

Amanda Cooper, Infrastructure Chairman: “The trial is for us to look at weather conditions, river conditions and make sure we can land on an on-water helipad safely.”

The proposed plan calls for not one, but three river helipads.

With on-water helipads already operating out of Melbourne and Sydney, the council says it’s time to show what Brisbane really has to offer.

Council says although there’s a lot to do around the city, seeing it from above will create an entirely new potential for growth.

Paul Gedoun, S&S Aviation Director and Founder: “We would like to run commercial operations down on the Brisbane River and give everyone the opportunity to see Brisbane from the river, from a different perspective.”

With interest from tourism operators already pouring in, the privately-funded council venture just needs the all clear.

Rebekah Box, QUT News.