A plea from the parents of a little girl who died from the effects of the flu – make sure your kids are immunised.

Health authorities today reminded parents that this year’s flu season is far from over, and may not even have peaked yet.

Kate McCormack reports.


This year’s flu season is particularly nasty with the east coast copping the worst of the virus.

Authorities says parents need to be vigilant with their children’s health after an eight-year-old Melbourne girl died from heart failure.

It was thought Rosie Andersen had a cold, but then she suddenly took a turn for the worse, and paramedics could not revive her.

Her father revealed the little girl’s family is devastated by the loss of their ‘beautiful angel’ and is urging everyone to immunise their children against the flu.

With over 130,000 cases having sought medical assistance this year, Australian health authorities are labeling 2017 as one of the worst flu seasons on record.

Professionals are warning not to dismiss flu-like symptoms as simply a cold and urge people to seek medical help if your condition persists.

Kate McCormack, QUT News.