There is a new push from the Turnbull Government to start literacy testing even sooner.

They want year one students to undergo the compulsory testing.

Marisa Kuhlewein reports.


Currently literacy and numeracy skills testing begins in year three.

But Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham says that’s too late.

He wants all year one students to be checked, and screened for phonics to prevent so many kids falling behind.

Researchers say, last year, around five per cent of year three students did not meet the national minimum standards.

Federal Education Minister, Simon Birmingham: “A great opportunity to ensure that every student in every classroom across the country has an opportunity to be able to be assessed in a common way, where if they need extra targeted teaching and intervention assistance that can be delivered.”

The testing, which could be fully implemented by 2019, would consist of a five to ten minute, one-on-one interview, with a teacher the child knows.

Teachers can then record the results into an online app, which will deliver them quickly to schools and parents.

The results will not be publicly available.

Marisa Kuhlewein, QUT News.