As technology rapidly develops, so too does the need for a way to power it.

A research team from Queensland University of Technology has just produced the first lithium-ion battery in Australia, creating amazing new opportunities.

Tim Shepherd reports.


They power everything from mobile phones to electric cars, but so far lithium-ion batteries have only been produced overseas.

Until now.

A team of QUT researchers has begun operating the first facility to make commercial grade lithium-ion batteries in Australia.

The facility is already proving popular because of the ability to adjust the composition of the nano-materials to create a purpose built product.

Professor Peter Talbot, QUT: “Because we have the chemistry section at the beginning we can change that to fit peoples requirements so we can rapidly prototype.”

At present it’s only a pilot program, meaning it is not ready for large-scale production, but Professor Talbot says it’s vital for Australia to compete in the global market.

Professor Peter Talbot, QUT: “Oh it’s absolutely essential on the basis that the world is embracing battery technology in so many different areas: communications, transport, energy storage.”

With the global battery market skyrocketing, nano-technology like this, pioneered here at QUT, has potential to supercharge the Australian economy.

Professor Peter Talbot, QUT: “In terms of industry potential it’s enormous, we’re talking about alternative methods of transport, we’re talking about alternate methods of energy storage, it’s probably not in the billions, it’s probably in the trillions, worldwide at least and there is no reason why Australia can’t compete in that market.”

Tim Shepherd, QUT News.