From weekend hobbyist and home DIY’er, to the most experienced of enthusiasts.

They’ve all gathered for the Brisbane Wood Working show at the RNA.

Lexi Kehl reports.


The event showcases some of Australia’s most impressive and precise wood-carving artists.

Whether you’re sanding, staining or planing, it’s all happening at the Wood Working Show.

And it’s not just boys and their toys.

Sandra Skodnik has been carving masterpieces for 30 years and says she uses the age of the wood to shape and inspire her creations.

Sandra Skodnik, Woodcarver & Sculptor: “Just the feel and smell of the wood and just the different variations in colours, grains, you name it.”

Wood working is now part of high school manual arts curriculum.

Gemma Mcarlein, High School Student: “I love it. Really, ’cause I couldn’t do it outside, so it’s the only opportunity I get.”

These are Japanese carving tools.

They’re an art form in themselves and create unique carvings.

Christian Timbs, Furniture Maker: “So all their tools are designed around looking, feeling smooth and visually beautiful.”

Unlike western tools, his cut on the pull stroke and leave an immaculately smooth finish.

The passion and dedication is overwhelming as artists across Australia showcase their wood working skills, anyone who comes to the exhibition, might just pick up a trick or two , or even a pair of chopsticks.

The Brisbane Wood working exhibition runs all weekend.

Did you hear about the wooden car? No. It ‘wooden go.

Lexi Kehl, QUT News.

Student journalist and lifestyle writer @josephslam