A large and loud crowd of activists held an anti-Adani protest outside Queensland’s Parliament House.

They’re demanding the Government reject a special royalties deal for the giant mine company.

Lily Greer reports.


Protesters: “Get out of bed with Adani, get out of bed with Adani.”

A sea of white, signifying coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef.

And their message was loud and clear.

Protesters: “We will, we will stop you Adani.”

They came from a range of environmental activism groups.

They fear the possibility of a $320 million ‘royalties holiday’ for Adani.

They believe the Indian mining giant should stand on its own two feet.

Ellen Roberts, GetUp!: “Adani’s getting free, water, free coal and free money. If they win, Queensland loses.”

And at the expense of the reef and tourism.

Shannon Hurley, Marine Conservation Society: “We should be investing in the long term sustainable jobs and protect the 70,000 tourism jobs that rely on a healthy Great Barrier Reef. Right now.”

The Stop Adani campaigners will today deliver over 3,500 hard copy petitions to State Government.

They’ve already submitted over 115,000 online, calling on the State Government to stay true to their election promise and safeguard the Great Barrier Reef.

Inside Parliament, the Opposition leader went on the attack.

Tim Nicholls, Opposition Leader: “The Adani mining company, with more than 6,000 Queensland jobs in the pipeline, has been rebuffed for the sake of protecting the member of South Brisbane.”

Annastacia Palaszczuk, QLD Premier: “We have one focus and that is to get jobs in Queensland, that’s what our focus is, Mr Speaker. And no one will detract us from that goal.”

Get Up! says they have 1.5 million supporters behind them around Australia and New Zealand.

Fueling the fight to save one of the world’s great natural wonders.

Lily Greer, QUT News.