By Cayla Marchant

Online production by Joseph Lam

James Brown cooks vegan sausages at the now-closed NJ45 Vegetarian Supermarket, Sydney.

Despite media reports of not-so-happy customers being served vegan sausages at one Bunnings store in Melbourne, an online petition calling for a permanent vegan option has received more than 5000 signatures.

The petition which was created one week ago has almost 5,500 signatures and reads, “for long enough the vegans of Australia have had to simply walk past the iconic sausage sizzle and dream of being a part of this great Australian tradition”.

Petition creator Dean Maher says it is time the popular hardware chain appealed more to the vegan community.

“We’re just trying to put a positive spin on it, not change anything too much and just add an extra option for people to get involved.”

He says it is time ‘healthier’ options were considered, giving Vegans a taste of what they are missing.

“Most vegans shop at Bunnings and everyone loves Bunnings, but we’ve never actually been able to get involved,” he says.

The Vegan Society’s spokesperson Tudor Holton said having a permanent option available would reflect really well upon the changing Bunnings’ demographic.

“Although the Bunnings’ demographic tends to be very heavily masculine and we know there’s a heavy stereotype that men eat meat, we know this has been changing for some time.”

Melbourne Flames Dragon Boat Club recently caused a bit of a stir after serving up a ‘deconstructed’ sausage sandwich at a Bunnings BBQ, and club Member Michelle Woods said it is time to change the iconic Australian tradition.

“It’s the first time anyone has taken something as traditional as a sausage sizzle which has been around forever at like hockey games and netball games and it made it something really classy,” she said.

Student journalist and lifestyle writer @josephslam