Queensland police will closely monitor the global terror status as preparations continue for the Commonwealth Games.

But it it appears people aren’t letting the latest attack affect their travel plans.

Jesse Gentle reports.


At Brisbane International Airport it was only the morning fog that caused disruptions.

Those ready to fly overseas were mindful of the situation in the United Kingdom.

Vox 1: “I feel horrified. I think it’s an atrocity.”

Vox 2: “No I’m not worried about it. It happens in the world doesn’t it?”

Vox 3: “I feel shitty about it but it’s not unexpected, I don’t think.”

And the State Government is currently looking closely at future security measures.

The latest terrorist attack comes as the state parliament debates the Police Powers and Responsibilities Amendment Bill related to security at next year’s Commonwealth Games.

The amendment will increase police presence and power during the Games next April.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Qld Premier: “Commissioner Stewart advised me that the Queensland Police Service remains in close contact with the Australian Federal Police on these matters.”

With the State of Origin less than a week away Suncorp will rely on recommendations from Queensland Police.

And at this stage tickets for Ariana Grande’s concert at Brisbane Entertainment Centre in September are still being sold despite rumours her world tour has been postponed.

Jesse Gentle, QUT News.