A road project in East Brisbane has residents seeing red.

They say the Council is forcing dozens of families out of their homes.

Sarah Cawte reports.


Locals gathered in anger, opposed to plans to expand Lytton Road.

Protesters: “Lytton Road is wide enough.”

Two extra lanes will be added between Latrobe Street and Canning Bridge.

City Hall said it will ease congestion and reduce travel time.

It will also force dozens of locals from their homes.

Julie Vincent, Resident: They don’t want to move, they’re beside themselves and they don’t understand why, ’cause it’s not going to solve the problem.”

The popular route to the CBD has some of the worst congestion in Brisbane.

During peak travel time, traffic is slowed to just 20km/h and it can take up to one hour to travel 5kms.

But residents say adding extra lanes won’t solve the problem.

But the local Councillor says these upgrades have been in the pipeline for around nine years.

Shayne Sutton, Member for Morningside Ward: “This road upgrade is well overdue and much needed. There are 56,000 vehicles a day that use this road corridor at the moment and that’s only projected to increase.”

The expansion is expected to take two years.

Sarah Cawte, QUT News.