More people in Queensland are living closer to the bread line than ever before.

A new Salvation Army report indicates some families are struggling even to put food on the table.

Lexy Haggard reports.


The Salvos National Economic and Social Impact Survey, paints a grim picture of people living on the border line.

Families like the Bromleys with two youngsters are unable to find work.

Neil Dickson, Salvation Army Qld communications Director: “More people living below the poverty line, and have to make decisions from day to day as to whether they pay the rent or pay the bills, or put food on the table for their children.”

The survey of 1380 Salvation Army clients found a staggering 69% of people say getting enough food is a daily challenge, with nearly one in four households struggling to feed their children.

The survey also reveals single parents are the worst affected when it comes to the cost of living, a challenge single mother Pauline knows all too well.

Pauline is a single mother with Jasmine her 16-year-old daughter.

After rent and bills they live on just $8 a day.

Pauline, Single Mum: “It’s a struggle, it’s a struggle.”

Pauline fell into a cycle of poverty, a victim of domestic violence and then later loosing everything in the 2011 Brisbane floods.

Pauline, Single Mum: “As my dad always said, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, I’m still looking for that light, but I feel like we’re getting closer.”

The Salvation Army is calling on all Australians to give generously to this year’s Red Shield Appeal.

Lexy Haggard QUT News.