The state government is encouraging Queensland startup businesses to exchange their technology and ideas.

It wants them to use what’s called co-space to foster creativity.

Lexi Kehl reports.


It’s innovation of all kinds under one roof.

Hidden away in Brisbane’s busy Fortitude Valley, the precinct is home to a new way of business called co-working.

River City Labs is one of 16 tennants who take on digital entrepreneurs who want to expand and reach a global market.

Peta Ellis, CEO River City Labs: “One there’s people that are sitting right next to them who are like minded founders, who are running their own business as well, but there’s also a group of mentors that they can tap into and it’s experienced people.”

She says it’s tough for entrepreneurs starting out, they not only need the space but the vital support that comes with it.

Alex Brown runs 2nd Lease, an online business designed to rent out household white goods, ideal for uni students moving out of home.

He says he struggled as a sole entrepreneur but joining the co-work space changed everything.

Alex Brown, Online Entrepreneur: “Had I not joined the startup community at River City Labs, you know, the team at 2nd Lease wouldn’t be where we are today.”

In a tech-reliant society, business really can grow from anywhere and it’s innovative spaces like these that are helping shape the future of entrepreneurial business models.

The Precinct launched in March and is already fully tenanted and includes executive parking.

Lexi Kehl, QUT News.