Infrastructure heavyweights are meeting in Brisbane to discuss the big picture of Queensland’s major projects.

They include the Cross River Rail and the Inland Freight Rail Links.

Mark Zita reports.


It’s the eighth Queensland Transport Infrastructure Conference held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

More than 200 delegates are focusing on the state’s future infrastructure and transport needs.

Goldie Yang, Expo-Trade spokesperson: “We facilitate a platform for key industry stakeholders, major players that are participating in this sector.”

Cross River Rail was the first topic on the agenda.

The state government believes the $5.4 billion project is vital to solving Brisbane’s rail bottleneck.

Jackie Trad, Qld Transport Minister: “What the private sector wants to know in terms of any investment in such a large public transport infrastructure project is what is the return on such a huge investment?”

Experts here claim Brisbane is falling behind the southern capital cities.

The event will also cover topics such as ride sharing, urban planning, decentralisation of cities, high speed rail as well as inland freight rail.

Simon Thomas, Inland Rail Spokesman: “Let’s start with safety. It takes a third of the trucks off the road on the eastern seaboard, for one, it’s important for farmers and anybody who wants to export produce.”

The conference concludes tomorrow.

Mark Zita, QUT News.