By Cayla Marchant

Produced for online by Melissa Mackay

Source: Pixabay

A new register for dog breeders will be introduced this week, following increasing concern for the welfare of puppies being sold within Queensland.

All new puppies in Queensland will need to be registered with a Breeder Identification Number within 28-days of their birth.
Bill Byrne, Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries, says the laws will give those buying pets more information about its background and peace of mind they are buying from reputable breeders.
The State Government’s focus is to stamp out backyard breeders and puppy farms.
But, both regular and occasional breeders will be required to register for a supply number.
Strategic Director of the Animal Welfare League of Queensland Joy Verrinder  says despite being a long time coming, the legislation is a step in the right direction.
“Government legislation does take time but the sooner the better and the sooner we can have consistency across all states,” Ms. Verrinder says.
There have also been calls to include cat breeders in future legislation.
“We’d like to see consistent legislation for both cats and dogs across the board,” says Ms. Verrinder.
“Anyone who breeds [should] have a breeder permit and they have to have an inspection by the local government.”
Any concern about the welfare of animals in Queensland can be reported to the RSPCA on 1300ANIMAL.