Keeping your car on the road is about to get harder, with the cost of rego going up again in July.

The state’s leading motoring body has slammed the rise, saying it’ll stretch household budgets.

Joseph Ogilvie reports.


This is about to get a lot more expensive.

Drivers will be paying 3.5 per cent more for this in six weeks time.

Vox 1: “Mate, I don’t like it at all.”

It’s the third hike in as many years.

Kirsty Clinton, RACQ: “It’s just more added pressure on the household budget, which is already so tight.”

The jump next financial year will be almost double the rate of inflation.

Kirsty Clinton, RACQ: “The same as this time last year, the increase is 3.5 per cent which is quite a bit higher than CPI which is 2.4 per cent, so this is not what we want to see.”

The government won’t commit to tying rego to the inflation rate.

Jackie Trad, Qld Minister for Transport: “Look that’s a question for the treasurer, and that’s a question that should be subject to the election once it comes.”

Queenslanders are already paying more compared to the rest of the country.

Kirsty Clinton, RACQ: “We’re well above the national average, and this is despite us being well below the national average for the CTP portion of the bill, so it’s that tax portion which is too high and continuing to increase.”

The RACQ maintains fees should be calculated on a nationally consistent basis.

Vox 2: “As long as the money is being spent properly, that makes it ok, and I’m not convinced of that.”

Plenty of people are unhappy that there will be a rego price hike in July, but what’s frustrating more people is not knowing where that cash is going.

At the moment it’s going towards a consolidated revenue fund, but what many motorists want, like the ones behind me, is more transparency from the government.

Joseph Ogilvie, QUT News.