Queensland Rail will undergo a new round of improvements to make travel safer and easier.

Included will be an upgrade of 10 stations and more drivers.

Mark Zita reports.


Deputy Premier Jackie Trad faced the media to mark 100 days since she was appointed Transport Minister.

And she’s got her work cut-out implementing recommendations from the Strachan Inquiry into Queensland Rail’s problems.

So far they include adding 106 trainee drivers and 264 trainee guards.

Jackie Trad, Qld Transport Minister: “What we have here is we have more people driving trains, we got 19 more drivers on the system since last October.”

In addition, more money will be spent improving and maintaining 10 stations, over the next five years.

The $6 million dollar upgrades to train stations, like here at Park Road, include platform improvements and repainting.

Stations will also receive improvements to landscaping, pedestrian access to stations and renewal of station signage.

However, the opposition says it’s not soon enough.

Scott Emerson, Shadow Transport Minister: “Having a glossy brochure, having a bit of spin, does not help those passengers who can’t get a train.”

The State Government also ruled out seeking compensation over delivery delays for a new fleet of trains.

Jackie Trad, Qld Transport Minister: “We know that these new trains are needed for our network, and they are needed for the Commonwealth Games, so we are working as hard as possible on making sure that these issues are resolved.”

The minister has more than 300 days until the games begin.

Mark Zita, QUT News.