By Charlotte Tully

Produced for online by Elisabeth Moss

Queensland is set to launch the Healthy Future Commission in an attempt to combat the obesity crisis.

source: Pixabay

State Health Minister Cameron Dick says the Commission will look at the social factors that lead to obesity.

“Obesity rates are 76 per cent higher in low socio-economic communities and they’re a third higher in indigenous communities.”

Diabetes Queensland CEO Michelle Trute praises the commission for its focus on education.

“Looking at strategies and initiatives and programs that are going to help our kids understand what healthy looks like… is going to be great,” she says.

She says the community needs this education.

Heart Foundation CEO Stephen Vines says early intervention is the key to educating young people and breaking the obesity cycle.

“It’s about getting those healthy choices happening early in life,” he says.

“Hopefully then our current young generation will be a healthier generation in future.”