The countdown to the 2018 Commonwealth Games is on.

Eleven months out the first round of tickets are already sold out.

But if you missed out, don’t give up hope just yet.

Bryce Heaton reports.


It’ll be the biggest sporting event the Gold Coast has ever seen, and as of 11:59pm Monday night, ticket requests are officially closed.

Those who put in a bid will be notified in early July as to whether they’ve scored tickets.

But if you’re having second thoughts, unfortunately there’s bad news.

Mark Peters, CEO of Gold Coast Games Corp: “So we have a no refund policy ’cause all this is tied up in how we see scalpers operate sometimes.”

If you missed out altogether remaining tickets will be sold in July on a first in best-dressed basis.

Those with tickets travel free to and from their events.

Question marks hang over the south-east’s capacity to transport the huge number of people flocking to the coast for the games in April, with its population set to double over the 10 day event.

But the Deputy Premier is confident the infrastructure can take the strain.

Jackie Trad, Qld Deputy Premier: “This is the biggest event Australia will experience over the next decade and we are doing everything we can to make sure it is a world class experience from transportation, to accommodation to the programming.”

The vital installment of the G-link trams between Gold Coast University Hospital and Helensvale is on track to be completed early next year.

And good news for our athletes with the Federal Government announcing a $100 million boost from a lottery in the lead up to the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Bryce Heaton, QUT News.