Queensland is being drenched by the heaviest rainfall since Cyclone Debbie.

Hardest hit, the state’s north.

While wet weather in Brisbane is already disrupting some major local events.

Kristopher Anderson reports.


Up north Townsville received 131 millimeters of rainfall in the past 24 hours, the wettest May day since 1920.

The region has been dry for several months.

Richard Wardle, Bureau of Meteorology: “What is unusual is the time of year that this rain fell they would normally be expecting this during the summer but it’s very welcome for them.”

The rain is expected to ease.

In Brisbane, the wet weather forecast over the weekend is proving more than just an inconvenience.

Preparations are underway for the annual Greek festival Paniyiri in Musgrave Park.

Organisers are hoping the rain won’t deter lovers of food and fun.

Chris Kazonis, Paniyiri Organiser: “We’ve also set up a Greek village, what we call platia and it’s like a Greek village square, and it’s right beside the Greek Club.”

The event normally attracts 50 to 60,000 visitors over the weekend.

Further out the historic Brookfield Show is on again and organisers are not letting the wet weather rain on their parade.

Don MacLauchlan, Brookfield Show MC: “And of course the fireworks, with this low cloud on for tomorrow night and the following night, it’ll make that more explosive, more spectacular and I think that you’ll see a lot more with that, that’s for sure.”

Equestrian events have been cancelled here at the Brookfield show, but the wet weather has not put a dampener on other activities.

It runs on both Saturday and Sunday with fun rides and agricultural activities.

Kristopher Anderson, QUT News.