Independent filmmakers and students are heading bush for Australia’s outback version of the Cannes Film Festival.

The Outback Film Festival is back.

And this year, it’s celebrating women.

Laura English reports.


Winton’s normally known as a quiet town in Western Queensland, but next month the who’s who of the small screen will flock there.

And the council is working to make sure it goes off without a hitch.

John Elliott, Winton Shire Council: “We work closely with Screen Queensland on pitching our locations to potential filmmakers.”

Winton has a rich film making history.

John Elliott, Winton Shire Council: “We’re lucky in Winton because they make movies there, it’s where Banjo Patterson wrote Waltzing Matilda, we have lots of dinosaurs.”

The festival is back for its fourth year, boasting guided tours through film locations, silent film screenings with live music, and even a day dedicated to dogs.

And the atmosphere is great.

Roy Billing, Festival Patron: “People having a lot of fun, watching movies, talking about movies, eating, drinking, just like a big holiday, but all centred around film.”

The festival is a great celebration of Australian films and women in the industry and this year it’s featuring the world premiere of Thicker Than Water.

It’s a drama written and produced by women.

Madeleine Kennedy, Producer & Actress: “I think that now we’re coming into a new wave of that revolution where women are moving into the forefront of filmmaking.”

The Outback Film Festival kicks off late next month.

Laura English, QUT News.