The Royal Flying Doctor Service has honoured those who work behind the scenes to keep the organisation airborne.

It coincides with the Flying Doctor’s 89th anniversary.

Phoebe Powell reports.


The award nominees and service members gathered for a ceremony at Brisbane Airport.

This year, Stephen Scurr was presented with the Local Hero Award for his fundraising efforts.

Stephen Scurr, RFDS award winner: “If you’re around out there and something does happen you can be reliant on to get professional help quick.”

The Flying Doctor Service provides a 24 hour emergency service, able to reach any location in Australia within two hours.

And it’s constantly expanding its operations, now coordinating clinic programs.

Nino DiMarco, CEO RFDS Qld: “On a daily basis our doctor, our nurse, our aircraft and our pilot will fly out to a remote community and provide a full day service.”

However, the demand for their services remains strong.

Last year the RFDS aircraft fleet flew the equivalent of 34 trips to the moon and back or more than 600 flights around the earth.

People like Stephen Scurr play a vital role in helping fund staff and the latest life saving equipment.

Nino DiMarco, RFDS QLD CEO: “The growth in the number of patients that we attend to has grown three fold.”

And this is the newest member of the 19 strong fleet operating in Queensland.

The twin engine Beechcraft King Air cost $13 million and has superior speed and distance capabilities.

Phoebe Powell, QUT News.