The health of Queensland coal miners will be more closely monitored for the deadly black lung disease.

And everyone who works at the coal face will be tested.

Andy Leung reports.


Twenty-one Queensland miners have been diagnosed with the disease in the past two years prompting the government to act.

The state government detailed how the new accreditation and standards will come into affect by the end of this year.

Anthony Lynham, Qld Mines Minister:  “We have to eliminate this disease, in our resource community.”

New dust monitoring systems will be installed with the results available to the public on the government’s website.

Dr Robert Edwards, Lung Specialist: “You can never mine coal without any dust exposure but all you can do is minimise it and lower the amount of dust.”

The new lung function tests will be compulsory, and recent miners x-rays were checked in Australia and again in the United States.

Vox Pop 1: “Almost there, keep getting all that air until there is nothing left.”

Although new standards are implemented, the minister says early detection is key to stopping the progress of the disease.

Andy Leung, QUT News.