Alarming new figures show a 480 per cent increase, in the presence of methamphetamine in Brisbane’s waste water.

Now, community groups are leading the fight against the ice epidemic.

Kristopher Anderson reports.


Recovered and contributing, former ice addict Andrea Simmons now dedicates her life to educating communities about the dangers of the drug.

She’s seeking to reduce methamphetamine use, through education and prevention.

Andrea Simmons, Director Australian Anti-Ice Campaign: “It’s by the grace of God that I’m alive and I’m going to take what I’ve been through and I’m going to help as many people as I can.”

Andrea has now joined forces with Logan City Council, using a successful American program targeted at schools and young people.

Jay Birch, Australian Anti-Ice Campaign: “Not even once, that’s our message. We go into the schools, and it’s like ‘how many times kids?’ and by the end of it ‘not even once’. That’s our message.”

Even sport stars are getting on board.

Kevin Campion, Origin Player: “They’re in the rugby league system and have the money to pay for these sorts of drugs.”

They’re keen to stress ice addiction is not a problem unique to low social-economic areas.

Steve Swenson, Logan City Council: “It’s a problem that is right across communities, and I just think that some areas because of their lifestyle are able to mask it a little bit better.”

More than 500,000 Australians over the age of fourteen have taken to ice in the past year.

Now communities across Queensland including Logan are rallying together to fight the ice epidemic.

A Logan Ice Forum will take place later this month.

Kristopher Anderson, QUT News.