By Milyka McCutcheon

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Kids are set to become even more tech-savvy with Code Camp. Image courtesy of Kentucky Country Day via

Two hundred thousand Australian kids are set to learn the language of computer coding under a new computer education program.

Code Camp is working with computer company HP to teach nearly 250,000 students by 2020.

It just may be the most important language for children to be learning in schools, with computer programming and coding predicted to soon be the most commonly understood communication system in the world.

HP Australia has recently provided new computers to Code Camp, to allow the company to reach children across the country in an effort to inspire and empower kids within technology.

Co-founder  Peter Neil says the program will help to reduce the shortage of Australians skilled up for jobs in the technology sector.

“We really feel like there’s an opportunity for Code Camp to influence the decisions that the kids make down the line and that’s obviously going to lead to more and more kids entering into the technology industry.”

Mr Neil says students the camp  is a fun learning experience.

“We have really unique challenges where getting the kids to go to recess, or lunch, or go home at the end of the day is really hard, [because] they want to keep coding.”

High school student Sara Al Sallakh was thrilled to find the camps were welcoming to female students.

“When I was there, there [were] actually a lot of females there doing the engineering and everyone seemed to really enjoy it.”

Tertiary information technology and engineering degrees see a disproportionate number of men.

In an effort to fix that, Code Camp has almost 50/50 gender diversity and is encouraging female teachers to tutor within the program.