How do you make a scone more appetising?

Forget jam and cream. Try vegemite.

That’s what some of Brisbane’s top chefs are doing as they promote Australia’s biggest morning tea.

Charlotte Tully reports.


When you are raising money for a very good cause, you have to be inventive.

And chefs from the Stamford showed they are, coming up with a variety of delights for next weeks fund raiser, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.

It is hoped the pop-up event will lead to greater awareness of the fight against cancer.

Chris McMillan, Cancer Council Queensland CEO: “It’s really just getting people to understand that the Morning Tea is a fun event and there’s lot of wonderful things that they can partake in, in terms of food and obviously donating to a good cause.”

Locals were invited to sample some of the goods.

Stamford Plaza’s Executive chef Udaysen Mohite says they are privileged to be part of such an event.

Udaysen Mohite, Stamford Plaza Executive Chef: “It’s a pleasure to do it, it’s a worthy cause. We do our small bit for what’s required and take pride and enjoyment out of it.”

One in two Queenslanders will be diagnosed with cancer throughout their lifetime.

Cancer Council Queensland provides funds that have led to massive breakthroughs in cancer research.

The Cancer Council wants to raise $2.5 million during May and June for cancer research, education and patient support services.

Chris McMillan, Cancer Council Queensland CEO: “So come on down to Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. We really need your help Queenslanders. Enjoy the morning and help those with cancer.”

The Plaza’s event expects to attract 150 people and what can you expect that’s different?

Udaysen Mohite, Stamford Plaza Executive Chef: “There’s a Lord Lamington, there’s a pastry called the Golden Gaytime.”

Charlotte Tully, QUT News.