Queensland’s Premier and Police Commissioner have fended off a blistering attack from a senior officer.

In an article for the Queensland Police Union Journal, Senior Sergeant Phil Notaro accused senior staff of gross mismanagement, which benefits criminals.

Caitlin Archbold reports.


Senior Sergeant Phil Notaro pulls no punches.

The veteran officer says poor decision-making at senior management level has left criminals free to run amok and police scared to do their jobs.

In an article for the Queensland Police Union Journal, Notaro has called for an inquiry into the QPS hierarchy.

He says he’s never seen morale so low, even during the Fitzgerald inquiry.

However the Senior Sergeant’s claims have been dismissed by his commissioner.

Ian Stewart, Police Commissioner: “I will certainly not accept an attack on the integrity of the officers under my command.”

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Qld Premier: “We’ve got a great police service right across this state led by the Police Commissioner who I stood with day-in day-out advising me during the cyclone and the floods.”

But Senior Sergeant Notaro has received support from a former high-profile officer and police union president.

John O’Gorman, Former President Qld Police Union: “The departmental policies are seen by the community and the police (a lot of police) in going too far in tying the hands of police.”

Mr O’Gorman says criminals are avoiding detention as a result, and that’s damaging the service’s public perception.

John O’Gorman, Former President Qld Police Union: “They want the truth, they want to be safe.”

But he doesn’t believe an inquiry is the way to go.

Instead, he suggests a mechanism for the public to connect with police and express their legitimate concerns.

But he supports the decision of the senior sergeant to speak out.

The Commissioner though is standing by his senior officers, saying he’s yet to see any evidence to convince him that Senior Sergeant Notaro’s criticism is valid.

Caitlin Archbold, QUT News.