The craft beer trend is making waves across the nation.

Now one Brisbane university researcher is taking it to the next level.

He’s attempting to develop a real home grown brew.

Samantha Reynolds reports.


Beer is beer but not according to Edward Kerr.

He’s fulfilling the dreams of many students, studying the biochemistry of beer.

He believes beer can taste better, and is exploring the different ways he can do this.

Edward Kerr, UQ PhD Student: “Well we’re gonna find wild yeast and see if they give, bring different characteristics into beer.”

He hopes that different wild Brisbane yeasts will add a bunch of different aromas to create a special local brew.

The Queensland Government is supporting the endeavour, with a $45,000 scholarship.

Leeanne Enoch, Qld Minister for Science: “It is unique that we are supporting something that’s a little bit out of the box or out of the bottle if you like.”

While beer consumption hits a 65 year low, the number of small, independent craft breweries is growing.

Mark Howes, Newstead Brewing Co: “We’re very agile as well so we can change things a lot quicker, we can experiment with new flavours, we can partner with PhD students and trial a lot more a lot quicker.”

Edward will work with Newstead Brewing for the duration of his study.

There’s a lot of chemistry and tinkering that has to happen before we can taste a Story Bridge or Southbank Brew.

What we do know for sure is the end result will be unique and hopefully tasty.

Samantha Reynolds, QUT News.