Dangerous drivers will be given a wake up in the form of flashing warning signs.

In all, 200 signs will be installed across Brisbane.

Milyka McCutcheon reports.


This is the first sign to be switched on by Lord Mayor Graham Quirk, aimed a brighter approach to illegal driving behavior.

And the LED message is clear, you’re speeding.

Graham Quirk, Brisbane Lord Mayor: “What we want to do is to bolster the awareness of traffic circumstances and conditions.”

The solar powered signs are triggered by approaching vehicles, giving drivers an alert ahead of other problem areas like pedestrian crossings, roundabouts and stop signs.

The RACQ fully supports the $3.2 million initiative.

Lauren Ritchie, RACQ Spokesperson: “Flashing signs, anything that can alert motorists to potential hazards or potential dangers is a really good improvement.”

The new signs will complement the success of existing measures.

Previous speed warning signs, like this one, have slowed down 40% of speeding drivers, at an average of 9.2 kilometres per hour.

The permanent LED units will be rolled out over the next four years.

Milyka McCutcheon, QUT News.