They’re probably the most important person in our lives.

And the opportunity to show Mums how much they mean to us is fast approaching.

Now the pressure is on to find the perfect gift.

Emma Francis reports.


Beautiful, bright bouquets of flowers everywhere, prepped and ready to go for Mother’s Day.

So what blooms do Brisbane mums really want?

Liz Wakely, Florist: “Chrysanthemums, you know some gerberas and carnations and lilies, lilies are always really popular.”

Florists are inundated with orders, it’s estimated around $200 million will be spent on flowers alone.

Restaurant owners are also feeling the love, thrilled that bookings are filling up quickly.

Andy Georges, Owner Il Centro: “Mother’s Day is traditionally one of the busiest days of the year. Ah we usually serve about a hundred and sixty guests.”

And who can resist a sweet treat, especially when it’s a special occasion.

Jessica Brookes, Chocolatier: “So for Mother’s Day this year we’ve got a Black Forest, which is a dark chocolate ganache that’s got cherry kirsch through it.”

No matter what you do or buy, making your mum’s day special is the most important thing.

It may not be very original but I know I’ll be taking my mum to lunch, getting her some flowers and a beautifully hand crafted box of chocolates to make her day special.

Emma Francis, QUT News.