Brisbane is hosting the Maiwar exhibition, which has the work of indigenous artists ‘flowing’ through the river city.

By the way, Maiwar is the traditional owners’ name for the Brisbane River.

Laurel Fox reports.


Up and coming artists from Cape York to Brisbane are turning our streets into art galleries.

This Brisbane City Council and BlakLash Collective collaboration, uses Brisbane’s carparks and laneways to showcase contemporary indigenous talent.

Freja Carmichael is passionate about showcasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

Freja Carmichael, BlakLash Collective: “It provides a platform for our stories to be shared, our histories to be, to be told in public spaces and it also highlights the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.”

The locations for these artworks are anything but typical.

Brisbane local Christopher Brown, says it’s a good reason to get out in the city.

Christopher Brown, Brisbane local: “Yeah we saw it online and were just keen to get out and see art in the street like this rather than in a gallery.”

Guided tours are being run as part of the exhibition.

Those of you that go along can even get to see contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music.

The Maiwar exhibition and guided tours run until the end of May.

Laurel Fox, QUT News.