The Federal Budget has left the Queensland Government reeling.

They’ll receive no funding for the major cross-river rail project.

Samantha Reynolds reports.


The Queensland Premier came out firing, claiming she’d been ignored in certain key areas.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland Premier: “Honestly, the budget we got tonight, last night from Scott Morrison is a slap in the face.”

She says there is no excuse for not having a single dollar allocated to the cross-river rail project.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Queensland Premier: “We have sent the Federal Government everything they need. They have the business case. They’ve had the business case for months.”

But the opposition thinks the Premier could have done more to convince Canberra to match the state’s $850 million commitment.

Tim Nicholls, Opposition Leader: “The real consequences of Annastacia Palaszczuk and a do nothing government are that again the projects that should be going ahead, where the funding’s available, where the bid and the case can be made, are not going ahead.”

And local economists believe it’s a case of smoke and mirrors.

Assoc. Prof. Clive Warren, UQ Economist: “I think it’s a little bit of ‘being seen to be doing something, and tinkering around the edges’ rather than any real, you know, real thing.”

Queensland will see funding for Bruce Highway upgrades and the inland rail link to Melbourne.

Despite the State Government’s anger, it’s committed to maintaining a close working relationship with Canberra. But it may impact on what’s in the upcoming state budget.

Samantha Reynolds, QUT News.