Australian and US Air Force engineers are working together to keep our biggest military aircraft ready for action.

Their current project at Amberley, repairing a C-17 Globemaster.

Rachel Lim reports.


This is the RAAF’s biggest aircraft, a real US-made workhorse.

But it requires specialist skills to keep it in shape. That’s where both US and Australian personnel are sharing their expertise.

This activity is part of the Enhanced Air Cooperation program.

Wing Commander Mick Doerfling, RAAF: “And what we’re trying to do is expand our maintenance interaction to better optimise outcomes for both air forces.”

A typical day for this maintenance crew at Amberley, starts as early as five thirty in the morning.

Bryan Bennett, US Pacific Air Force: “We’re performing multiple maintenance tests right alongside our RAAF counterparts to include launching and recovering of the aircraft, engine runs hop-check and a home station check.”

Both engineering teams have developed a mutual respect for each other.

Frank Shepherd, US Pacific Air Force Branch Chief: “We’re very good Air Forces working together.”

Maintenance personnel from the RAAF are expected to continue the third part of this project in Hawaii next month.

Both the RAAF and US Pacific Air Force hope this maintenance partnership will extend into other aircraft and form an ongoing relationship.

Rachel Lim, QUT News.