In Brisbane, around 2000 people gathered to digest the Federal Budget over breakfast.

Speakers included past and present political leaders.

Milyka McCutcheon reports.


A hot breakfast and debate over whether the budget will equate to prosperity or peril.

On the guest speaker’s menu, Former Deputy Prime Minister Kim Beazley and Former New Zealand Prime Minister John Key.

The State Treasurer likened the budget to the State of Origin, but in this case not what Queenslanders are used to.

Curtis Pitt, Qld Treasurer: “Of course, in Origin Queensland normally wins.”

And words of wisdom from across the ditch.

John Key, Former NZ Prime Minister: “I think the question is ‘are they doing enough in terms of the micro economic reforms that we did in New Zealand over the past eight years?”

The Federal Treasurer’s former economics teacher believes his student delivered a text book budget.

Peter Switzer, Economist: “Well when I taught Scott macro economics 101, I told him what Treasurers often do.”

After the knives and forks were cleared, a panel sat down to discuss the nuts and bolts of the budget.

Funding for schools, the tax on banks and housing affordability were just some of the topics discussed by the expert panel.

Breakfast guests also gave their opinions using a live polling app.

Milyka McCutcheon, QUT News.