Queensland students have begun their NAPLAN tests.

And it’s still being done with pencil and paper because the government postponed online assessments.

Reece D’Alessandro reports.


The Education Minister in State Parliament today, offering advice to a record number of students, urging them not to be nervous.

Kate Jones, Qld Education Minister: “We encourage students to get a good night’s rest, have a healthy breakfast and come and try their hardest as I’m sure they do every day at school.”

The tests are on pen and paper for another year, after an initial move to online testing was quashed.

Kate Jones, Qld Education Minister: “I’ve made the decision and in the best interests of the students I want to ensure that we get this right, and I’m very confident that the right way to go this year was to continue with the pen and paper test this year.”

But she’s not giving up on the shift for next year.

And as students across the state sat down for the first of the NAPLAN tests, the Premier unveiled ‘Operation Queensland Recovery’, added relief for the state’s hardest-hit communities in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Debbie.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Qld Premier: “Debbie and the severe flood that followed has had a devastating impact on Queensland but as I said, Queenslanders are resilient and bringing together the three levels of government and our communities, we can ensure that Operation Queensland Recovery bounces back bigger, better and stronger.”

The Sunshine State has had plenty of experience in coping with disaster and the government believes the state is stronger for it.

Reece D’Alessandro, QUT News.