The RSPCA usually finds new homes for dogs and cats.

But now they have some lizards looking for adoption too, because they can’t be released back into the wild.

Megan Dennis reports.


Meet Jedi and Mexico, just some of the lizards up for adoption.

The brightly coloured bearded dragons are a rare species from Central Queensland.

If you’re thinking of giving them a home, the RSPCA says you’ll need a recreational wildlife licence.

Shanon Beagan, Reptile Coordinator RSPCA: “We’re looking for all types of people and we see all types of people. We have reptiles to cater for kids, who just want to start out in the hobby to beginners who have never a reptile before.”

The reptiles were seized by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and passed onto the RSPCA.

Shannon Beagan, Reptile Coordinator RSPCA: “They have got these animals and they need to be re-homed so they give them to us and then we provide the resources to re-home these guys.”

If a dog or cat is too much work, you can adopt animals such as mice, a gecko and a lizard which make the perfect pets for a beginner or an experienced animal lover.

The animal centre has also recently received around 150 mice which are now in their care and also looking for homes.

Nathan Armit, Senior Animal Attendant: “We probably don’t get mice very often here, so if anyone’s looking for mice as a pet, they’re pretty easy pets to look after to look after.”

To adopt an animal, you can head to the RSCPA website, or visit the animal adoption centre at Wacol.

Megan Dennis, QUT News.