Brisbane City Council is splashing the cash for a new aquatic playground in Sandgate.

It’s hoping residents will get more involved in recreational exercise and lead better lifestyles.

Caitlin Archbold reports.


Brisbane’s climate lends itself to the combination of sunshine and water, and it won’t be long before Sandgate will become an aquatic playground.

Currently a desolate construction site, but this is what’s planned after a $500,000 upgrade.

It forms part of a wider investment to transform Brisbane’s suburban pools into world class facilities.

Graham Quirk, Brisbane Lord Mayor: “It’s all about making sure our pools remain contemporary and attractive to the people of this city.”

Suburban pools are growing in popularity with a doubling of visitor numbers over the last decade.

Sandgate’s pool operator says the support by the council was beyond the call of duty.

Craig Crozier, Sandgate Pool Operator: “To build a child specific feature, it is a fantastic initiative by the council.”

The aqua park will include water slides, spray features and fountains, similar to those currently at South Bank.

With Council pools more popular than ever, Sandgate is expected to draw a large crowd, ready to be splashed with a massive bucket of water, when the pool opens later this year.

Council investment in Sandgate over the last few years has already attracted families in droves, and the new aqua park is likely to continue the trend.

Caitlin Archbold, QUT News.