A recent health survey reveals a link between poor posture and using mobile phones.

The Chiropractors’ Association warns the problem is becoming chronic.

Elisabeth Moss reports.


Headaches, dizziness, neck and back pain.

Just some of the many symptoms that chiropractors are calling “text neck”.

Vox 1: “Yeah I’ve actually noticed my posture’s really bad so…”

Vox 2: “I feel sometimes like pain in here and I’m using it like 100%, all the time.”

The Chiropractors’ Association survey reveals their members in New South Wales see between 11 and 20 patients a week complaining of the symptoms.

Robert Bailey, Chiropractor: “What there certainly appears to be is an increase in postural compromise, which seems to be exaggerated with the interaction between modern technology in the form of portable tablets and mobile phones.”

Activities like texting can put additional strain on the upper neck.

Robert Bailey, Chiropractor: “So consequentially, this area just under the base of the skull is very often tender in many people and especially users of smart phones.”

It’s not just adults whose posture is suffering, the condition is affecting children as well.

It’s hard to get away from technology, we use it every day, to call, text and even do our work.

But by having regular breaks and giving our eyes a chance to rest, we can make sure that we don’t damage our health any further.

Elisabeth Moss, QUT News.