Written by Mark Zita
Produced for online by Jessica McGrath

Brisbane bridges will be painted yellow tonight as the State Government supports a national campaign on road safety.

Road construction and emergency service workers are the focus of this Yellow Ribbon National Road Safety Week.

Main Roads and Road Safety minister Mark Bailey called the gesture a commitment to protecting road users who are left vulnerable on Queensland’s roads, and a remembrance for those injured or killed in roadside incidents.

Motorists along Coronation Drive.
Brisbane bridges will be lit yellow tonight, urging motorists to slow down, in support of National Road Safety Week.

RACQ Spokesperson Kirsty Clinton, says the organisation worked with the State Government to make this happen.

“We’re supporting Queensland roads, and we’re lighting up the Gateway Bridge and the Story Bridge yellow, to raise that awareness and we are trying to remind motorists to slow down.”

She says it is important the behaviour of drivers keeps road-workers and emergency service workers safe.

“They work in a dangerous job helping members of the public, so we really ask people to give them a little bit of extra space, slow down when you see those flashing lights and really drive so that everyone survives.

Safer Australian Roads and Highways president Peter Frazer says drivers should consider others on the roads, and actively protect each other.

“There’s too much selfish driving, we’ve had a large increase in the number of people killed in Australia in the course of the last two years and because of that we are hoping to get that community engagement.”

He says although the state governments has promoted safer driving, it could approach enforcement and compliance in a different way.

“Stop focusing on the driver themselves and have the driver start to focus on the road and the people ahead, so it’s a little bit different to what’s normally done.”

Mr Bailey says about 1,200 people are killed and more than 30,000 are seriously injured on Australian roads each year.