The cost and heartbreak of flooding could soon be less painful.

A comprehensive study released today is providing councils and insurers, with more relevant flood management information.

Jenny Archdall reports.


After the devastating 2011 floods, Brisbane, Ipswich, Somerset and the Lockyer Valley councils instigated the study.

It came after recommendations from the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry.

The four year study washed away council boundaries for a broader snap shot of the whole region.

Jackie Trad, Qld Deputy Premier: “Of course we know that rivers don’t recognise local government boundaries.”

The report is the most comprehensive of its kind.

The study covers 170 years of rainfall data investigatingd 11,340 possible scenarios for the Brisbane River Catchment Area which spans more than 13,500 sq km.

Experts stressed the study is just improving our knowledge.

Mark Babister, Hydrologist: “The important thing to understand is the flood risk hasn’t changed, we’ve just got a much better understanding of it.”

Councils are already looking to utilise the study to update flood management plans.

Paul Pisasale, Ipswich Mayor: “So our planning documents will be more accurate so we can look at that particular land and know more information and what we can do.”

Insurance representatives also welcomed the study.

Joshua Cooney, Suncorp Insurance: “We’ll definitely look at this and assess it, and plug it into our systems, and update it, and use it to fine tune how we view and assess flood risk here in South East Queensland.”

At this stage however a change in insurance premiums doesn’t appear to be imminent.

Jenny Archdall, QUT News.