Outstanding Queenslanders have been honoured at Government House.

The annual event recognises extraordinary achievers in all walks of life, including athletes and journalists.

Harrison Bain reports.


Queensland’s Governor presented honours to more than 140 Queenslanders at six ceremonies this week.

The recipients were nominated for their various achievements in all areas of the community.

A familiar face was among them.

Channel 7 presenter Kay McGrath was recognised for her work in the media as well as her work as an anti-child abuse campaigner.

Kay McGrath, OAM Recipient: “I am so humbled and so delighted to be a part of it and it’s been a really lovely experience to have my personal fan club here in terms of my family.”

Former Courier Mail Editor-in-Chief Jack Lunn was also awarded for his work in print.

Jack Lunn, OAM Recipient: “It’s a very different world to the one just 10 years ago, let alone 20 years ago.”

Olympic cyclist Robbie McEwen was among the sporting recipients.

Robert McEwen, OAM Recipient: “To be amongst a group of people that have achieved so much over such a wide range of activities from medicine to community service and to be included amongst that is a real big honour.”

The Order of Australia is the most distinguished means of recognising outstanding individuals within our community, with nominations encouraged from all members of the Australian public.

Recognition for extraordinary Queenslanders.

Harrison Bain, QUT News.