From a heritage substation to a suburban house, Brisbane’s annual Anywhere Theatre Festival is coming to a place near you.

And this year, there are over 500 performances in the program.

Annie Pullar reports.


It’s not what most people would expect to see at Ben’s Burgers.

Performer: “You know what we are gonna do, we are gonna do the conga.”

But a character called Poncho Orange is transforming this space.

Dani Cabbs “Poncho Orange”: “Poncho is a very physical comedian, expect a lot of hilarious ho-ha, if you know what I mean, a bit of crazy wacky WOPA.”

In nothing more than sneakers, undies, a small poncho and make-up Poncho breaks out in dance, song and even congo lines!

Random madness, that the festival embraces.

Paul Osuch, Festival Co-Founder: “It’s this intimacy, instead of things happening way over there, it’s actually happening right in front of you and you feel a part of what’s going on.”

And for performers it’s even better.

Dani Cabbs “Poncho Orange”: “It gives us an outlet, somewhere to perform and eventually make some money because we are all broke.”

From burger joints to old school trams the Anywhere Festival is allowing performers to take some of the most unusual spaces and create something spectacular.”

The play Two Across, is doing just that.

Candice Dittman, Actress: “To be able to sit on the tram and then walk through the tram and know that there’s going to be an audience around just completely surrounded in this love story.”

Proving that theatre can be all around us – anywhere, anytime and any place.

Performer: “You realise of course it’s a different train, therefore a different seat.”

Annie Pullar, QUT News.