Queensland’s Ambulance Service is about to get a new 24 hour, emergency hub.

The $13 million facility will be the nerve centre for all state-based ambulance facilities.

Chloe Walker reports.


Construction is underway in Geebung to prepare for a new 24 hour ambulance centre, and emergency and fleet management precinct for the Queensland Ambulance Service.

The Health Minister says the addition of the station will enhance the delivery of pre-hospital emergency health services to the northern suburbs.

Cameron Dick, Minister for Health: “We’ve had about 500 additional calls in April this year to what we did in April last year.”

The station’s strategically located for ambulances to access the surrounding network, particularly Sandgate and Gympie Roads, Southern Cross Way and the Gateway Motorway.

Russell Bowles, Commissioner, Queensland Ambulance Service: “This integrated facility will be a blessing for this part of the state as it has a 24-7 local station that will have 17 staff operating out of here.”

The $13 million centre will manage over 1100 vehicles and facilitate statewide disaster management equipment.

The centre is expected to be completed in June.

Chloe Walker, QUT News.